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Conditional Use Permits (CUP)

The zoning district of a particular property governs what uses are allowed on the property. In addition to the ‘allowed’ uses, there is a set of ‘conditional’ or ‘special exception’ uses that require additional government approval before they can be allowed. The lawyers at Crawford, Modica & Holt have obtained conditional use and special exception permits from many local governments in Central Florida for uses ranging from auto parts stores to hotels and shopping centers. Please call us at (352) 432-8644 and ask to speak with an experienced attorney about conditional uses issues.


Most local land use and building regulations are contained within city and county codes in sections called “Land Development Regulations” or “LDR’s,” which contain building setbacks, height restrictions, impervious surface maximums, and other substantive building requirements. In many cases, variances can be obtained from the local government if enforcing those regulations causes a hardship on the landowner.

The attorneys at Crawford, Modica & Holt have helped homeowners and business owners in Central Florida with variances to solve a myriad of development problems since 1994. Contact us at (352) 432-8644, and ask to speak with an experienced attorney about your variance issues.

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