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If you are contemplating divorce and have minor children, your main concern is likely custody of the child, where the children will live, where they will go to school, and who will be responsible for their financial support.

At Crawford, Modica & Holt, we are family law attorneys that understand how important preserving your relationship with your children is to you. We work diligently to get your children into a child custody situation that is best for them while preserving family relationships to the greatest extent possible.

Child Custody: A Parenting Plan That Works For Your Family

In any custody dispute, Florida courts require that a Parenting Plan be entered governing the relationship between the parents and the children. A Parenting Plan is a must in child custody matters. It will include directives regarding how the parents will share daily tasks, what parents will be responsible for health care and school matters, and how they will communicate with them. The time-sharing schedule the parents will follow in accordance with the best interests of the children.

There is room for negotiation and finding creative solutions during the drafting of a Parenting Plan. The help of an experienced family law attorney is extremely valuable throughout this process. At Crawford, Modica & Holt, we tailor our representation to your unique circumstances. If you are looking to negotiate to avoid the length and expense of divorce, we can help. If your children’s health or safety is at risk, we are equally ready to fight relentlessly for their protection.

Understanding Child Support Guidelines

Florida lawmakers have created a guideline for calculating child support based on the parties’ income, the number of children born of the marriage, and other factors. We can help guide you regarding the amount of child support that may be ordered based on the individual facts present in your case.
Here at Crawford, Modica & Holt, we can advise you on how your assets and liabilities may be equitably (fairly) divided. We are ready to negotiate on your behalf for a fair division fiercely and ready to go to court if needed. Please speak to us to see how you may benefit from legal representation from a divorce attorney.


If the parents of a minor child were not married at the time of the child’s birth, a paternity action might be required to establish the parties’ legal rights and responsibilities. Those legal rights will include parental responsibility, time-sharing, child support, and custody of the minor children, along with other issues. If you are the mother, you may want to bring a paternity action to determine the child’s paternity or to ensure the payment of child support. If you do not yet have legal status as the father, you may want to bring a paternity action to prevent the mother from leaving the state or denying you time-sharing. Crawford, Modica & Holt can help you navigate a paternity action based on your individual circumstances and the goals you hope to achieve.

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